In her hardcover debut, Deveraux (The Taming) offers an imaginative romantic historical fantasy, whose virtue of unpredictabiity is undermined by plodding. By Jude Deveraux, , Time-Travel Romance Back when A Knight in Shining Armor first came out in hardcover, I bought it read it, love it. Knight in Shining Armor Jude Deveraux. A COUPLE OF NOTES: 1. Since one of the unique aspects of this novel is its ending, this review.

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And although it seemed crazy at first and wholeheartedly unbelievable, she soon realizes her wish had been granted. The scene nearing the end was heart wrenching when they were separated by time yet again, but their souls found each other, and they were ‘reunited’.

I never saw it, knighht course, but she says it’s about an alcoholic personality–a “dry drunk”–one who looks for the most moral person they know and then tries to destroy that person.

Some of the funniest scenes were when the heroine goes back in time. I learned from my reread as well.

Detailed Review Summary of A Knight In Shining Armor by Jude Deveraux

A day and age in which lnight women were not as adventurous a we are in today’s world. And it left me with a very content smile on my face. Dec 18, Bibi rated it did not like it Shelves: Sep 23, Margaret G. I told myself I would get my book signed the next day at the big signing.

I guess I expected too much after the well-crafted and beautifully written work of Gabaldon and Devfraux this is simply another third-rate romance. And so was his disregard for his daughters mistreatment of Dougless. So this story, this abject adoration is my review. I had rehearsed what I would say to her, what I felt I had to say, and Sgining sort of tunneled-out the rest of the conference so it was just my hero and that table and me, and wifey with my phone for the picture.


Published December 1st by Pocket Books first published Dougless thought she would get engaged to her asshole boyfriend, and instead he leaves her stranded in England.

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Return to Book Page. Back when A Knight in Shining Armor first came out in hardcover, I bought it read it, love it, and immediately started reading it again. A Knight in Shining Armor is both hilarious and tragic. What they learned was Nicholas was known for being a rogue and not having contributed much to history.

See all 9 questions about A Knight in Shining Armor…. She has to entertain Nicholas’ mother and she does so by singing t I keep wavering between a 4 and a 5 for this book. Books by Jude Deveraux. You need to get to know each other. Her beau at the beginning, Robert the surgeon, is the alcoholic personality.

Everything was there, as wonderful as it was and yet somehow better. Abandoned by a cruel fate, lovely Dougless Montgomery lies weeping upon a cold tombstone in an English church. By the time I hitI could read almost no romances no matter who wrote them.

A Knight in Shining Armor

Quotes from A Knight in Shini They suceed in sending him back, leaving Douglas alone and desolate. He makes all the female characters sound like whiny 12 year olds in the middle of throwing a tantrum! I got my battered copy stamped, and the woman who did it was charmed by the age of my copy. Order original version of this book from Amazon Books. Still, it was no worse than a lot of stuff that can be typically found in historical romance books wrote in the 80s and early 90s.


When I was unable to read the book, I found myself thinking about what happened in the book only because I was going through withdrawal! Did it help that it has a new sexy cover? To ask other readers questions about A Knight in Shining Armorplease sign up. While there, Douglas has a falling out with her boyfriend and is stranded at an old Medeval Church.

Something else happens and she’s back in her time period minus Nicholas. She eventually spends so much time in the past that she gets used to wearing layers upon layers of clothing and eating fifteen course meals.

New York Times bestselling author Jude Deveraux shinijg capture your heart with signature classic novel, a time-travel romance featuring a present-day heroine and a dashing hero from the sixteenth century!

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. I thought, “Sure, I’ll give it a go. I told her armod reason I was about to go sit at my table and sign for my own fans was because of the book in my hands, and I thanked her for being an important part of my life. Shininh sex was there and real but so elegant, so alive and yet so classy. I’m not totally sure what to say about this one or how to rate it.

You’ll have to read it to understand but what I can say, was that I got it. Deveraux spends too much time on Dougless’ difficulty in accepting that Nicholas is from the long ago past–well over pages.