12 quotes from Intercourse: ‘Being female in this world means having been robbed of the potential for human choice by men who love to hate us. One does d . INTERCOURSE by Andrea Dworkin. by Giney Villar. Intercourse, Dworkin’s monumental book on the complexities of sex, now on its tenth anniversary edition . Andrea Dworkin’s polemic account of gender relations, Intercourse, reveals real conviction, writes Vanessa Thorpe.

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He has to push in past boundaries.

Even if you don’t agree with some of the conclusions she reaches, her writing style alone is incredibly unique. These narratives, perpetuated by dominant whites, portray all women, but particularly women of colour as inherently degraded and therefore rapable: So, I guess this is the origin of the “all sex is rape” fallacy.

Thus, male possession has become an affirmation of desirability, womanhood and existence. If anything, the book is pro-sex. Dworkin speaks of consent without catering to males, or anyones hurt feelings, or your ‘feminist’ boyfriends feelings. Dworiin does does not make choices andreq freedom. A lot of people – don’t like the dworkih that Dworkin dared to ask that question.

Interdourse, bone up inercourse to speak and listen inyou will learn a lot. The most offensive part of this book was Dworkin’s comparison of the holocaust and sexual politics. View all 15 comments. Substance-wise, much of what Dworkin writes resonates deeply with me, and it was heartwrenching to note how radical and fringe these ideas may sometimes be even today.

Read this with an open mind and I guarantee, at the very least, that it will make you think. She outlines how laws have defined intercourse to ensure systemic male-domination and women’s subordination. Kimon, an eight-year-old pet female long-tailed monkey, treats a kitten as her baby in Bintan Island, Indonesia. There is no analogue in occupied countries or in dominated races or in imprisoned dissidents or in colonialized cultures or in the submission of children to adults or in the atrocities that have marked the twentieth century ranging from Auschwitz to the Gulag.


It’s fun to be shocked by inanity and dissect it with someone who sees the world the same way I do. Jan 15, C.

INTERCOURSE by Andrea Dworkin

Rightly so, for readers would need Dworkin’s feet strongly planted in the ground to serve as anchor as she hurls her challenges to both men and women. So first off, I think Intercourse is worth reading. But I can totally see why her impact on the feminist movement and the wider debates around sexuality and pornography in contemporary society intercourss so significant. Isis International realised it is essential to initially find out to what extent or if any at all do peace advocates include or consider women and gender ddworkin their peace work with from ICCO foundation, Isis carried out a study on women peacemakers in the Philippines.

In the section “Repulsion,” Dworkin tells of the repulsion men have against women’s bodies, sexual intercourse and their lntercourse desires, as exemplified by Tolstoy’s life and works.


That’s what the haters would have you believe. There is nothing that happens to any other civilly inferior people that is the same in its meaning and in its effect even when those people are forced into sexual availability, heterosexual or homosexual; while the subject people, for instance, may be forced to have intercourse with those who dominate them, the God who does not exist did not make human existence, broadly speaking, dependent on their compliance.

To pose questions, spur action and in the author’s own words, “Intercourse is search and assertion, passion and fury; and its form—no less that its content—deserves critical scrutiny and respect. You expect a book to suck, it’s probably gonna suck until you change your attitude. It becomes more of a puzzle that this did not make it to the book given that the first edition was written ina time when the lesbian movement has already been around for a little less than twenty years in the USA.

But she did use literature as a source very frequently, which interests me – not that I can remember to make points or as evidence, but to support points or evidence already given.


The chance to look back over a couple of decades at a polemical book about gender that really shook people up in its day invites one of two obvious reactions from the 21st-century woman. In short, this book will blow your mind.

Intercourse Quotes

Giney is also an organizer of the Asian Lesbian Network. He owns you – he fucks you. Intercourse compels its readers to rip open their bodies and intetcourse and examine them under the stark illumination Dworkin beams. The vagina itself is muscled and the muscles have to be pushed apart. Difficult, confrontational, unpleasant, andres, exasperating – but also full of beautiful, surging – almost chant-like interckurse prose, compelling ideas and powerful polemic, Intercourse is not a book that can be easily digested or ignored.

Her passion and her absolute refusal to compromise; laced with unrelenting compassion – demonstrated through Joan of Arc – will fill your heart.

And in so doing, I am doubly frustrated considering she suggests no alternative ways of life, no suggestions as to how to continue on in resistance. Feb 25, Willa Grant rated it really liked it.

Paperback of the week: Intercourse by Andrea Dworkin | Books | The Observer

One does does ingercourse make choices in freedom. In short, the author took all the vague ideas that were troubling me on the intersection between the actual practice of sex and the ideals of feminism and completely concretized and explicated them with mercilessly brilliant prose.

I don’t want to summarize Dworkin for fear that I would add to the rampant misunderstanding around what she has written and said. She made an astute point on the struggle being framed so tightly around the anxiety men of color would have in their women being “taken” from them again, implying in every instance, ownership and objectification.