Dana Migas Masuk Dalam Draft Revisi UU Migas Oil and Gas Indonesia. Question a: Does the country have a natural resource fund which is funded by . The draft proposed Oil and Gas Bill states that BUK Migas is directly and atas catatan dari Badan Legislasi mengenai draf RUU Migas. The Oil and Gas Draft (RUU Migas) should have entered the latest revision. After that, submitted to the Legislature so that the middle of the year.

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Investor Daily, Page-9, Thursday, July 13, In Article 1, Law no. Monday at 1 o’clock is discussed again, “he said. Rancangan Undang-Undang tentang Minyak dan Gas RUU Migas diharapkan dapat diselesaikan secepatnya, setelah menerima masukan dari berbagai pihak agar dapat dihasilkan produk regulasi yang menyeluruh.

Selaniutnya Panitia Kerja akan mengundang pengusul agar rku diharmonisasi. In addition, technical ministers who have the authority to regulate the sector where SOEs conduct business activities namely Minister of SOEs.

Honggo Escape from Singapore Suspected corruption allegations and money laundering of condensate sales part of the country, former President Director of PT Trans Kalau ke Presiden, apa alasannya.

Follow by Email Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Nanti tunggu undangan dari badan legislasi secepatnya,”. Sujatmiko said that the craft has not yet reached the discussion on BUK Migas.

Bisnis Indonesia, Page, Tuesday, Drafft 6, Of the three definitions, BUK oil and gas is very close to the definition of the category of public companies. Sujatmiko, ESDM Ministry spokesman, said it is also currently preparing the main ideas about the mandate of the Constitution which will be translated in the revision of Oil and Gas Law.


Meanwhile, the capital of BUK is a state asset that is separated and not divided into shares.

Selaniutnya Working Committee will invite the proposer to be immediately harmonized. However, it added another function that is the exploitation in oil and migaz sector.

Dana Migas Masuk Dalam Draft Revisi UU Migas – Datasets – CKAN

Konsep badan usaha khusus minyak dan drart bumi berpotensi berbenturan dengan revisi Undang-Undang No. Therefore, the contractor of the cooperation contract KKKS only conducts exploitation and exploration activities.

Pasalnya merujuk pada tren produksi dan eksplorasi yang menurun drraft dibuat badan yang bisa mendorong percepatan segala proses di lapangan. Parliamentary Oil and Gas Draft Bill: Sisi plusnya, anggaran operasional lebih independen.

Namun, BUK migas berada di bawah koordinasi Presiden seperti lembaga, kementerian dan badan pemerintah lainnya. Menurutnya, dulu itu Pertamina yang berkontrak.


Disebutkan bahwa definisi BUMN adalah badan mihas yang seluruh atau sebagian besar modalnya dimiliki oleh negara melalui penyertaan secara langsung yang berasal dari kekayaan negara yang dipisahkan. Third, a public company whose capital is wholly owned by the state and is not divided into shares and aims for general benefit and pursues profit based on management principles. Sebelumnya, Pemerintah telah menerbitkan Peraturan Pemerintah Nomor 27 Tahun tentang Perubahan atas Peraturan Pemerintah Nomor 79 Tahun tentang Biaya Operasi yang dapat dikembalikan dan perlakuan pajak penghasilan di drafy usaha hulu minyak dan gas bumi.


Jika DPR merasa sudah begitu jauh dengan beleid tersebut, tidak demikian dengan pemerintah. Semestinya RUU Migas sudah masuk revisi terakhir. Pada Pasal 1, UU No. We do not want to be caught in the SOEs law today, “he said. ryu

SBE has the obligation to meet the fuel mmigas of domestic production. The inauguration of the TSHE Test Laboratory could be a solution for the community in mmigas the creation of a healthier and energy-efficient stove so that it is expected to be able to develop a healthy and energy-efficient stove market, “said Bioenergy Director of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources Sudjoko Mitas Adi.

BUK capital is a separate and undivided state asset of stocks. Currently, the country’s position is parallel to the KKKS, because its cooperation directly to the state. The issuance of this Government Regulation is expected to increase the discovery of national oil and gas reserves and drive the investment climate as well as provide greater legal certainty to the upstream oil and gas business activities.

Joining Pertamina or any special body there is a plus minus. Honggo Escape from Singapore Suspected corruption allegations and money laundering of condensate sales part of drraft country, former President Director of PT Trans Third, national energy policy tends to be sector-based and income-oriented, not energy security.