In eighteenth-century Japan, Tsunetomo Yamamoto created the Hagakure, a document With Bushido, one can better put into perspective Japan’s historical path. Yamamoto Tsunetomo, who was a Samurai in the early s, it is a book that because at the time that it was written, the way of the samurai was becoming. “Bushido: The way of the Samurai” by Yamamoto Tsunetomo is the words of a power samurai (Yamamoto Tsunetomo) in his final days. Most of the book entails .

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I’ve grown to like this book so much that I have my copy in my backpack at all times on campus. Please try again later. Feb 17, M. Once you have mastered the practices and habits of our own clan, you may learn other ways as a pastime, for your own amusement.

Yamamoto Tsunetomo – Wikiquote

This book is “based on the Hagakure”. The youth follow the trend of this day alone. His work, the Hagakure, served as the basis of Bushido.

It was passed on to a visitor of Yamamoto’s, who then transcribed it. I don’t pretend to have understood the significance of everything I read in it, and there are other concepts that in literal terms would be anachronistic, impractical or meaningless in the modern West. I recommend it for anyone interested in samurai culture, military literature, Japanese literature, the martial arts, or philosophy.

To the benevolent and courageous mind of Gochyu;2 To the deeds and faith of Riso. When the time comes, there is no moment for reasoning. To be filial toward my parents.

It would be wrong to assume that this is a book of rules and etiquette buzhido the samurai classes. But, when you come to think of it, there is not a problem that cannot be solved with the help of this knowledge of our own clan. And if you have not done your inquiring beforehandthere is most often shame.


The establishment of the clan has been weakened. You cannot carry out your mastery of day if you samutai not proud. Because of the film Ghost Dog I imagined Forest Whitaker’s voice reading this to me in my head the entire time. See and discover other items: It is a book of short selections and not a story. The book is deservedly a classic of Japanese philosophy, and it gives a valuable contrast to works like Musashi’s Book of Five Ringswho emphasises other parts of samurai philosophy.

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The Hagakure also makes a point of making light of the lazy and haphazard thinkers. As a retainer to this Nabeshima clan, you must devote yourself toward the studies of your own country.

Than he might change his mind – or commit seppuku: One person found this helpful. It would be more selfless to suffer with the damaged honor and continue doing good in your life. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Compared to the earlier English translation, the newer translation seems more literal.

It is also believed that some of the Kamikaze pilots read this book, and stood by its words as the reason they flew those planes don’t make any assumptions about the book being about suicide, cause its not. Read more Read less. He even organized miscellaneous duties.

Hagakure: The Book of the Samurai by Yamamoto Tsunetomo

To give an example of the differences in translation, I’ll compare three famous passages, first from William Scott Wilson’s translation and second from Bennett’s translation: Even the Buddha and the gods decided on vows before they initiated their pursuits. So, if I could hand down something in writing, perhaps they might learn the tradition and the spirit of this clan by referring to the book. When pressed with the choice of life or death, it is not necessary to gain one’s aim.


It is simply death.

There is lots of stuff about being determined to cut down the enemy no matter how many etc. The end of the book additionally contains a table with the life history of Yamamoto Tsunetomo, a visual diagram of a typical medieval clan hierarchy, to accompany the explanation of the world of the samurai in an era without war.

Hagakure: The Book of the Samurai

These are the keys. The rumor is that it is a book on tactics called Kachikuchi The Key to Victory and it was orally passed on at the time of inheritance. On one page you will find a bloody siege or multiple seppukkus, on the other you will get to know that a true samurai has to bathe and shave his forehead in his morning ritual. Most of the book entails battle tactics and stories of battles, but through this stories a message about how to live your life better is portrayed.

View all 10 comments. About the Author Tsunetomo Yamamotoa highly respected samurai warrior, renounced the world and retired to a hermitage in Book of the Samurai was written by Yamamoto Tsunetomo, a samurai who lived from The Book of the Samurai.

It’s amazing how these lessons apply themselves to whatever my life is currently focusing on. With Bushido, one can better put into perspective Japan’s historical path.