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But her plans are changed when she is attacked by a rogue vampire. Piper is a very nice girl and a good friend.

A lot of antagonists in the books were quite obvious from the beginning and even one of her sorority girls was able to pick it up from the get-go but not Colby. Multi-published Young Adult author of both paranormal and contemporary fiction. A good read and I can’t wait to get my hands on the second book of this series. Her family seems to take the change in their daughter relatively in stride–Aunt Chloe even had to stake a few vampires years ago during the War when she was a nurse.

Aidan is just a stupid jerk. Colby is your average over-achieving cheerleader on the fast track to college and homecoming queen.

How can you let brains like that go to waste on clothes and whether or not you can lose six pounds so you can stay on the top of the cheerleading pyramind? I also thought it was a bit ridiculous how Colby, and her family and friends were so accepting of the fact that she was a vampire.

I really didn’t like this author’s take on the vampire world. Funny and amusing, this book offers a unique look at the situation a girl gets herself into when she’s been changed into a bracde – a mongrel among the Vampiric society. She has to then plad her innocence to a vampire court to get a lisence. I guess I needed a funny YA Vampire book these days.


Braced to Bite

When Colby comes to and returns home, she’s very surprised to learn she’s been missing for nearly forty-eight hours. The protagonist was often annoying but I was able to look past it because she was also the thing that made the book fun.

The last epic vamp book that I’ve enjoyed was Vampire Kisses Novel. So I would recommend it to the younger crowd, but I think it loses it’s charm after about fourteen, fifteen years old. Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of If I could give this book 10 stars instead of 5 I so would.

Another thing that bothered me about this book was the fact that she walks into the house after being missing for two days and she drinks her mother’s blood. Co I totally loved this book! He is not use to her wit and smart mouth but she soon grows on him. Hey Colby, you okay? Her family tells her she’s a half vampire. Second, how can she even walk around with that headgear?

Braced to Bite (Half-Blood Vampires, #1) by Serena Robar

Where, she might add, Aidan the slimeball went off with Allison to an after-game party. I loved reading about Colby and loved her attitude. Colby is now a vampire, with the pale, pasty skin, yellowish eyes, and thirst for blood to prove it.

I finished this book in four hours and I enjoyed it a lot. Both authors have a smart-mouthed heroine, an annoying yet total hottie vampire hero, and a set of circumstances that makes you throw everything you ever thought was true about vampires right out the window.


Hmmm we’ll see in the next book I guess. To ask other readers questions about Braced to Biteplease sign up. If you like vampire stories with a dash of romance and a whole bunch of humor, this is definitely the book for you.

Ribar plot and drama was good and nothing was overrated. She was always making stupid assumptions, she was self-absorbed, vain, inconsiderate, bratty, about as mature as a 5-year-old, and dumber than a sac of potatoes.

Braced to Bite (Half-Blood Vampire, book 2) by Serena Robar

He was around when he was turned I believe. Preview — Braced to Bite by Serena Robar. Then she is attacked by a a man and put an in old ravine. But damn the girl is too smart, too witty for her own good. Jul 11, Carol Nicolas rated it really liked it Shelves: To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign bote. I have never met anyone that irritating in my entire life. Licenses, and tribunals, and half-bloods, etc?

Thomas is an asshole! Goth girl Piper the least likely person checks up on her regularly. The book seems aimed at the lower-to-middle age YA readership, but even as an adult I give it 4 stars and I’m a meanie. What Colby didn’t plan on, or enter into her BlackBerry, was getting knocked out by the Eastside Attacker on the way home from a football game.

Its was fun and witty read and will satisfy your vamp side. And she was created without a licence to do so.