Books shelved as go-weiqi-baduk: Lessons in the Fundamentals of Go by Toshiro Kageyama, Tesuji And Anti Suji Of Go by Eio Sakata, Battle Strategies by Ja. This page contains reviews of the Go books I read, so you can have some guidelines before going on a shopping spree. I provide here links to the books. I started the game about 2 years ago, but quit after 1 month of play. and I got back to the game about months ago. I am about 17k on OGS.

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I highly recommend it. How do you get to Carnegie Hall. We learn from developing the reflex of looking in the right place for successful moves.

Go Books | All about Influence in GO/Weiqi/Baduk

And it’s all wrappped up with his old man’s childlike joy for the game. This is a great book for someone who knows the basics.

I purchased all 5 volumes in the series.

Basic Techniques of Go This book is pretty famous because it was one of the first English books with Japanese bopks. Almost entirely problems, most you can guess what the aim is without any knowledge of Mandarin. For this reason volume three,ostensibly for players of 15 – 20 kyu, will profit even low kyu players. You might search around my blog for other Chinese go book series that might interest you.

On that note, I see that you’re still? Teaches you what type of things to consider when looking for the next move. But bookss impression is mid-kyu to low-dan levels.

Thus, when she released her book, I immediately ordered it. I must confess that I am not too excited about the fact that badum focuses too much on handicap game joseki instead of principles of play, and reading this without the guidance of an experienced teacher may result in one getting a lot of rigid ideas that are hard to “unlearn” later. I’ve been playing go little less than a year. I’d be interested in the weiqi problems. The 25 book Zhang Jie set mentioned below I’ve seen one positive review for, so figured these might be good as well and https: It is divided in to sections though, and some problems with solutions with explanations are given at bookd beginning of each section, so maybe that gives some clues that I’m not picking up.


When Badum bought this book for my keyboard type kindle I was worried that the pictures would be difficult to view. But Bolks was a bit nervous about any problems and my ability to deal with them directly. The treasure chest enigma: It explicitly addresses “dear children” throughout! Aimed at dan-level players, Hop illustrates advanced topics with pristine clarity, making the reader wonder, “Why haven’t I realized before how simple this concept was?

Popular Go Weiqi Baduk Books

Diary of a Professional Go Player. Very well written and gives a small grasp to current joseki, and how we got there. Some books suffered some slight damage to corners etc.

I don’t think you will be disappointed. The book allows you to work through the problems and mark your score.

Go/baduk Books

It takes for granted that you are familiar with some basic openings and begins at that point. I know it’s a revolutionary idea that solving lots of problems will make you stronger! Hi zac, I’m very much under-qualified to evaluate.

I can solve almost of volume 1 on sight which I don’t mind taking an occasional half hour to do! As a total beginner I started playing three months agothis book has been satisfying in a number of respects. I’m ordering through an agent superbuyso that I know that all the books will be there, and they will all arrive at once. Will be a nice book to keep returning to. Fri Apr 27, 2: It seems like the weiqi life and death drill books will be similar.

Unfortunately I won’t know the shipping costs until they haduk at the superbuy warehouse, but have a rough estimate. This is a collection of games of the most famous Go players in history, Honinbo Shusaku. Kajiwara also took care of the famous Kitani Go school for a period when Kitani himself was incapacitated by illness.


I will work through some of the problems and see how I go. If I spend an hour a day doing problems, it booke take long to work through e.

Baruk has a mixture of ‘real-life’ shapes and contrived shapes. Learn to Play Go, Vol. The audience of this book are already familiar with the fundamentals taught in earlier parts of the series, and Hop’s teaching technique not only booke advanced topics through real-life games, but also leaves the reader with the know-how for analyzing and learning new advanced topics from their own games.

I’m going to make a big order soon, and also looking for recommendations. Once they all arrive I’ll give a review of the books, and my experience ordering them. This book was recommended to me by the strongest member of my Go club.

As a subscriber to her YouTube channel and a baduk go player myself, I was excited to learn more about Hajin and the world of professionals in South Korea. As she travels around the world both to teach and learn, living a life many of us can only dream of, she documents her thoughts. Guo Juan said something about western players lacking strong fundamentals, which means that many make it to around the 1 dan level, but they find it much harder to go beyond. They travel from China to Australia to learn English, but end up learning a Chinese game using Japanese terminology!

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