This Standard is part of a series for plumbing and drainage, as follows: Water used for mixing concrete and cement mortar shall be free from. A O T F A H O A Australian/New Zealand Standardâ„¢ Plumbing and drainage Part 1: Water .. (b) Bends in pipes shall be free from wrinkling and flattening. of Australia and Part 6 of the Plumbers Licensing and Plumbing Standards Regulations The PCA. is now available to download (free of charge ).

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The discharge of water from a flush valve shall be aas3500 more than 2. Loading units corresponding to fixtures and appliances are given in Column 3 of Table 3. This device shall be either part of the douche or installed sa3500.

All standpipes connected to the water service shall be securely supported by fixing to walls of buildings, or other rigid supports. SDR values are printed onto pipes and can be obtained from the pipe manufacturer.

The size of the pipe required is found by reading across this line to the first column marked ‘DM’. MyInspections – The MyInspections gateway allows users to pay fees and submit documents related to plumbing and drainage work, and applies to all on-site plumbing and drainage work in the areas where Fair Trading conduct inspections in the Sydney and Newcastle regions only. A2 b Timber beams, hearers and Joists Holes or notches made in timber ws3500, bearers and joists in floors shall be in accordance with Figure 5.

This is particularly important if at the completion of your course you plumbng to apply for a license building, plumbing etc with Fair Trading.

Full text of “AS-NZS Plumbing and drainage – Part 1: Water services”

See also section 9 for testing and commissioning non drinking water services. Care should be taken to ensure that the air cavity moisture barrier within an external wall of any building is not bridged with pipe or pipe duct penetrations and porous pipe insulation materials.


This allows for overflows that are not flowing full. Where a property is served by a non-drinking water supply, the following shall apply: Completed plu,bing is shown at the end of this example Step To prevent damage, the tap assembly and jumper valve shall be removed from the body of taps and valves prior to silver brazing.

Before commencing any work on any greywater water service, reference shall be standarcs to the network utility operator, the health authority and the environmental protection authority for the requirements determining the permitted use of reclaimed treated greywater. If you require a tax receipt, you will need to bring your TAFEcard.

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Backflow prevention devices are generally installed at the property boundary and may also be located inside the property. Support Hole diameter half D max. Published on 29 November The notes are designed to highlight possible problems and suggest solutions to issues raised. Cement mortar that has been mixed and left standing for more than 1 h shall not be used.

Where the capacity exceeds L provision shall be made at the base for easy removal of sludge. J Backflow prevention devices that are not provided with test taps for the purposes of testing the operation of the devices. These flow rates may be used to estimate the minimum size of piping within dwellings. In the case of pipe systems with elastomeric seals, the piping shall be backfilled leaving the joints exposed until completion of the test.

We also welcome suggestions for improvement in our Standards, and especially encourage readers to notify us immediately of any apparent inaccuracies or ambiguities. Water heights are measured from the pipe invert or crest. Sawn and round timber 1 Elastomeric seals for waterworks purposes Due to water pressure cffeets, additional braekets, elips or hangers eomplying with Clause 5.


Where it is necessary to run pipework across a metal roof, it shall be surrounded with insulation of minimum thickness, as given in Table 5. Where a cross-connection is tbund in the water service at any property or if the water service is installed in a manner that will enable backflow to occur, such cross-connection should be reported to the water utility in Australia and territorial authority in New Zealand.

Be sure to fill in any line with a red asterisk. Need to get your Backflow Prevention Endorsement? Microsoft Office Software Offer Guide. The network utility operator may require containment protection at the property boundary.

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Corrosive areas are those that contain substances such as any compound consisting of magnesium oxychloride magnesite or its equivalent, coal wash, acid sulphate soils, sodium chloride saltammonia or materials that could produce ammonia. The storage tanks should then be topped up with chlorinated water.

Using the inflow rate determined from Paragraph 02 i. External fire hydrants shall be located in accordance with AS The disinfection solution shall remain in contact with the surface for at least 30 min.

Run the non-drinking water service dry via the outside taps or toilet flushing. Step 3 Determine the plumbung drop, in metres head, across this index length using the following equation: Search this Guide Search.

Between editions, stadards may be issued. Where used below ground, the joints shall be — a protected against corrosion with each assembled copper or copper alloy joint protected with a petrolatum-based wrapping system; and b external to a building and not under concrete. Find out more about Legionella and Legionella Legislation!

This is the distance, in metres, from the point where the minimum available pressure head is known e.