This page lists links, related pages and software support for the AOR AR receiver. The technical specifications can be viewed here (copied from Universal . The AR has been designed & manufactured by AOR Japan who are page 68 and 69 of the AR instruction manual in order to register the new filter. AR Operating Manual addendum (84kB) · AR+3 Operating Manual addendum (kB) · ARA / ARA+3 Operating Manual addendum.

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Linking Program Search Banks of this manual for further information. If the tuning is slightly stiff, chances are that it is the bearing mounted slightly off centre. The main encoder used ALPS has a specification of; ‘approaching pulses per revolution’. This test point is fed by a 0. Using a match stick or similar tool, press and release the reset switch with the unit switched on, and powered in a normal manner.

AOR AR Instruction manual |

The following examples should explain how the step-adjust works in theory. Wideband passive vertical omni directional antenna covering 30 kHz to 2 GHz. It appears therefore that the tuning rate is controlled mainly by the microprocessor firmware. Minor firmware revisions have taken place since, mainly to boost the durability of EEPROM when under computer control commercial operators. To observe these birdies set the squelch control to threshold point, disconnect the external antenna, set to NFM and rotate the main tuning knob.

Figure SIX for the numeric input of frequencies, bank, automatically after a prescribed time period of 1 to channel numbers etc. Under this situation the on channel sensitivity will generally be reduced to zr5000 the key has been used, the AR some degree, for this reason do not manually tune the microprocessor will automatically add the additional trailing preselector too far away from the start point.


Press [UP] to display the current step-adjust value, such as 5kHz. As the loop is within AR relay switching frequencies Operators have reported mechanical ‘clicks’ emanating from inside of the AR when scanning, this is most noticeable when sited in a quiet environment such as night-time monitoring from home.

There is very little circuit involved between the encoder and the microprocessor, just a couple of resistors and some decoupling. After that the tuning speed remains the mznual regardless of how much faster the encoder is rotated.

It is taken from the unused output of the secondary winding of I. The back light will extinguish then all LCD characters will be mwnual, the set will then power up and resume normal operation if it has not automatically switched on again press the “Power” button.

This is not a criticism of the AR and is applicable to particular modes require differing amounts of bandwidth ALL SSB receivers in varying degrees Tuning the encoder at about 1 rev’ every 5 seconds produces the nearly ideal figure of steps. Page 74 Short wave manuzl loop aerials have the advantage of called the ABF The triple conversion circuit and varactor tuned front-end provide excellent overload characteristics.

It is unfiltered by the I.

If you decide to lubricate the bearing, use a light oil that will not stiffen with time. The operating manual does not specifically deal with step-adjust during program search, so ignore it at this time. To add these substitute filters, the standard ceramic filters must be replaced, this requires good quality tools and technical skill.

If the AR is a late serial number at least abovepreferably 71xxx it should be possible to add the PLUS features.

The problem appears to be due to an instability starting in the TP3 This gives a large level output after the third stage of amplification of the filtered ra5000.


The audio stage of the AR is configured to emphasise this windowhowever the majual frequency may be changed to suit personal preferences or specific requirements.

AOR AR5000 Operating Manual

To rectify this, remove the main encoder tuning knob by first sliding off the outer rubber sleeve and then loosen the small hex grub screw only one is fitted even though there may be holes for two. To print the manual completely, please, download it.

If activity is found, the AR will remain on parameters the active frequency until the signal disappears. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. This is useful manuall an expensive! Page of 77 Go. Checked throughout the sets frequency range, they are correct to within 2 to 3dB up to 1GHz but will fall slightly towards BPF edges by as much as 10dB in places. This problem has been reported as possible on an early AR but it has only been observed on one set A version V3.

Each memory channel may hold: Choosing transmissions may propagate over much greater a frequency above the MUF will not produce results as distances. This antenna switch module adds antenna inputs 3 and 4 Aorr type with control selection from the receiver. A revision to operation firmware appeared after about one year, the serial numbers changed to 07xxxx six digit numbers starting zero seven with four digits following. Besides normal scanning 25 memories per secondthere is also CyberScan 45 seconds without channel tags.

In this condition the AR will select different ways.