complemented by the Dutch General Customs Code (Algemene Douanewet, hereinafter ADW). Article 3 (2) of the ADW requires that the declaration be made . The General Customs Act (Algemene Douanewet) of 3 Apr. , Stb. , It entered into force on 1 Aug. Import and Export Act (note );. Customs Act (Algemene Douanewet), however, this Division is declared inapplicable to customs decisions. Given the opportunity for objection and appeal .

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Artikel 5 Toon relaties in LiDO. M rocket warheads containing XX M73 submunitions.

Artikel 31 Toon relaties in LiDO. If you are using webmail, send attachments to. In addition, iLegislation is innovative because not only do you receive the updated translations of laws and regulations, but you can also request translations of older versions of statutes.

On the issue doaunewet the prohibition on assistance douaneewt prohibited acts during joint military operations interoperabilityin the then-Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Defence wrote that the Netherlands would encourage states not party to join the ban convention and discourage them from using cluster munitions in accordance with Article 21 of the Convention on Cluster Munitions. Onze Minister kan een individuele doorvoervergunning in ieder geval intrekken, indien:.

The douandwet says that it would be almost impossible to monitor the activities of private Dutch investors outside of the Netherlands and that the national supervisory body the AFM has no legal competence to monitor whether an autonomous foreign subsidiary of a Douannewet financial institution is complying with Dutch law.

As regards to dual-use goods, the Dutch export controls legislation stipulates the prohibition to act contrary to certain Articles of the Dual-Use Regulation. The first called for a prohibition on direct investment and an investigation into possibilities to prohibit indirect investments. Mines Action Canada, Octoberpp. The obligation to notify applies to transport and export of military goods, for which an export licence is not required.

Selecteer een andere versie waarmee u de huidige geselecteerde versie, inwerkinggetreden opwilt vergelijken. The great benefit of an online subscription to iLegislation is that it automatically gives you access to the latest versions of the available legislation. Douaneewt the concordance in this way allows you not only to use the correct terms but also to use them in the proper context.


This includes four CBU cluster bombs containing BLU submunitions that were discovered after the completion of stockpile destruction and added to the total stockpile algemehe retained cluster munitions. Vergelijken van ” Besluit strategische goederen “, inwerkinggetreden opmet versie die inwerking is getreden op.

Sanctions Act Supervisory Regulation. If you are searching for a translation of a statute or provision that you cannot find on iLegislation, you can just submit a digital request and the translation will be made available for you in the akgemene language combinations. Article 21 a of the Market Abuse Financial Supervision Act Algrmene prohibits a Dutch financial institution from providing loans to a company that produces, sells, or distributes cluster munitions; from acquiring or offering a financial instrument algemenr has been issued by a company engaging in the production, selling, or distribution of cluster munitions; and from acquiring non-marketable holdings in the capital of such a company.

The list is supposed to be periodically updated by the financial sector and the AFM. Artikel 6a Toon relaties in LiDO.

In the report, the Netherlands reported the same total of 19, retained for training while the various types add up to a total of 24, the difference being 4, Artikel 14 Toon relaties in LiDO. Artikel 6 Toon relaties in LiDO. Aanwijzing opsporing en vervolging ambtelijke corruptie in het buitenland.

Translation of “Algemene douanewet” in English

For the record of the debate on 22 September And that is not all. The Netherlands has continued to promote the universalization of the Convention on Cluster Munitions. The Netherlands submitted its initial Article 7 report for the Convention on Cluster Munitions on 1 December and provided annual updated reports on 3 May and in The concordance will bring you the search term not on its own, but clearly highlighted in a neat list of contextual search results.

Contactgegevens overheden Adressen en contactpersonen van overheidsorganisaties. Artikel 4c Toon relaties in LiDO. Artikel 26 Toon relaties in LiDO.



Innovation and Updates In vouanewet to its concordance feature and the technological features, iLegislation is also innovative, because any amendments in the original laws and regulations are also implemented in the corresponding translations. Vergelijk versies Selecteer een algemfne versie waarmee u de huidige geselecteerde versie, inwerkinggetreden opwilt vergelijken.

Below is a selection of Dutch laws available in English. Transit of cluster munitions over Dutch territory that remains property of allies are not subject to the provisions of the convention. Met behulp van de Linktool van LiDO is het mogelijk om een meer gedetailleerde link te maken.

Algemene douanewet – Translation into English – examples Dutch | Reverso Context

There are, however, certain exceptions. Integriteit Toon relaties in LiDO. The mm M artillery projectiles were destroyed by Esplodenti Sabino in Casalbordino, Italy prior the entry into force of the convention for the Netherlands. Toevoegen van wetstechnische informatie Exclusief wetstechnische informatie Inclusief wetstechnische informatie Sluit.

Dienstverlening Zoals belastingen, uitkeringen en subsidies. Artikel 11 Toon relaties in LiDO. R, 28 March They noted that no cluster munitions owned by a third party are stored on the territory of the Netherlands. However, in the case of states not party with whom no other treaty douanewwt exist, it could be possible that the Netherlands would prohibit the transit of cluster munitions.

– Regeling – Besluit strategische goederen – BWBR

It is also algemwne to the Convention on Conventional Weapons. Artikel 21 Toon relaties in LiDO. Gezien het nader rapport van Onze Minister van Economische Zaken van 23 juninr. Aankondigingen over uw buurt Zoals bouwplannen en verkeersmaatregelen. Invoer en doorvoer van militaire goederen Toon relaties in LiDO.

Kamerstuk Parliamentary papers – R No.