44 Advantage of vacuum CB * Used up to 66 KV. * Vacuum is highly dielectric, so arc can’t persists. * Separation of contacts causes the release of metal vapour. Source:Electric Substation Types The main purposes for establishment of a substation are: * Need for connecting a generator to the transmission system: We . Replacement of the existing 7 MVA (2 MVA & 5 MVA 66kV: kV transformers) switchyard with a new 66 kV switchyard consisting of two new 10 MVA DSC

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Substations may be owned and operated by an electrical utility, or may be owned by a large industrial or commercial customer. Facebook Linkedin Google Plus Twitter. The Ni-Cd Battery bank shall be installed in separate room with proper ventilation system as per safety requirement. A substation may include transformers to change voltage levels between high transmission voltages and lower distribution voltages, or at the interconnection of two different transmission voltages.

For medium-voltage distribution substations, metal-enclosed switch gear may be used and no live conductors exposed at all. When a large fault current flows through the circuit breaker, this is detected through the use of current transformers. Wikipedia articles with NDL identifiers. A mobile substation is a k.v.swktchyard on wheels, containing a transformer, breakers and buswork mounted on a self-contained semi-trailermeant to be pulled by a truck.

The development of the microprocessor made for an exponential increase in the number of points that could be economically controlled and monitored. The 11KV Switchgear shall be installed inside the substation building. All work to be performed, from routine testing to adding entirely new substations, should be done while keeping the whole system running.


They measure voltage and in conjunction with CTthey measure power. These categories are not disjointed; for example, to solve a particular problem, a transmission substation k.v.switchyarr include significant distribution functions. Smaller distribution stations may use recloser circuit breakers or fuses for protection of distribution circuits. In this case the generators from the power station supply their power into the yard onto the Generator Bus on one side of the yard, and the transmission lines take their power from a Feeder Bus on the other side of the yard.

Once having established buses for the various voltage levels, transformers may be connected between the voltage levels. Share buttons are a little bit lower.

Specification For Erection, Testing and Commissioning Of 66/11 kV Grid Substation | EEP

k.v.switcyard Distribution voltages are typically medium voltage, between 2. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Electrical substation. For higher voltages, gas-insulated switch gear reduces k.b.switchyard space required around live bus.

Outdoor, above-ground substation structures include wood pole, lattice metal tower, and tubular metal structures, although other variants are available. In distributed generation projects such as a wind farma collector substation may be required. A good design attempts to strike a balance between these two, to achieve reliability without excessive cost. Switching stations are sometimes used as collector and distribution stations. So, only used as a back-up.

Substations transform voltage k.v.switchyarr high to low, or the reverse, or perform any of several other important functions. Premium Membership Premium membership gives you an access to specialized technical articles and extra premium content electrical guides and software. A transmission line or other component may need to be de-energized for maintenance or for new construction, for example, adding or removing a transmission line or a transformer.


66 KV Switchyard

Examples for such substations are Brauweiler in Germany and Hradec in the Czech Republic, where k.switchyard is collected from nearby lignite -fired power plants. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy.

To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. It resembles a distribution substation although power flow is in the opposite direction, from many wind turbines up into the transmission grid.

Published by Suzanna Stewart Modified over 3 years ago. Early electrical substations required manual switching or adjustment of equipment, and manual collection of data for load, energy consumption, and abnormal events. Sensitivity – Ability of the relay to operate with low value of actuating quantity. This seeks to isolate the fault point from the rest of the system, and allow the k.v.swifchyard of the system to continue operating with minimal impact.

The magnitude of the current transformer outputs may be used to trip the circuit breaker resulting in a disconnection of the load supplied by the circuit break from the feeding point. Where land is costly, such as in urban areas, gas insulated switchgear may save money overall.

Substations located in coastal areas affected by flooding and tropical storms may often require an elevated structure to keep equipment sensitive to surges hardened against these elements.